Kaaba Islamic watch face NXV50

*For Wear OS watches…

Digital Islamic themed watch face with color customization and 2 shortcuts.
Includes the following features:
– 12/24 hour time
– Kaaba and arc color customization option
(tap and hold center of screen for color customization options)

– heart rate and calendar shortcuts (see screenshot)
– Islamic calendar date
– sunrise/sunset times (please note this time is not prayer time)
– actual moon phase
– steps counter
– battery percentage display
– ambient mode

* supports Wear OS watches running Wear 2.0 or higher.
* Kaaba image is licensed through Adobe Stock.

**Please note, if Play Store gives you a message saying “your device is not compatible”, try to open below link in browser and download.

Email: nxvwatchface@gmail.com

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